Welcome to the online home of Calvary Chapel of Running Springs. We are located in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountain town of Running Springs, California—Conveniently situated halfway between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake right on Highway 18 where it meets Highway 330. It is our desire that you would join us as we worship our wonderful savior and that your thirst for Him would be quenched by drinking in the living water he so freely offers. We pray that as you visit this website you will be strengthened and encouraged in your daily walk with Jesus. If you are looking for a church home we would be delighted to have you come worship with us and prayerfully consider joining with us .... READ MORE   icandoallthings

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Keeping the body of Christ up to date with the political issues of our day at the crossroads of Faith, Family and Freedom---Ezekiel 3:16-18

The West, the Family, and the Big Picture

(Breakpoint) The world is leaving us and our values behind. If we don`t get with the times, we may soon find ourselves isolated and irrelevant. If you think I`m talking about Christians and the recent Supreme Court decision on same-sex “marriage,” think again.

Support First Amendment Defense Act

(The Stand) The American Family Association is encouraging Americans to contact their U.S. Representatives about the newly proposed First Amendment Defense Act, which will protect churches and faith-based organizations from government penalties or actions regarding their religious convictions.

Oregon Now Allows Free Sex-Change for Kids

(Faith & Freedom) Listen up parents and grandparents. The policy change took place quietly last January, but parents are only now finding out about it and becoming aware that their child can receive free sex-change therapy and even medical procedures without parental knowledge—all through public education. Parents are outraged, as they should be.