Welcome to the online home of Calvary Chapel of Running Springs. We are located in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountain town of Running Springs, California—Conveniently situated halfway between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake right on Highway 18 where it meets Highway 330. It is our desire that you would join us as we worship our wonderful savior and that your thirst for Him would be quenched by drinking in the living water he so freely offers. We pray that as you visit this website you will be strengthened and encouraged in your daily walk with Jesus. If you are looking for a church home we would be delighted to have you come worship with us and prayerfully consider joining with us .... READ MORE   icandoallthings

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Keeping the body of Christ up to date with the political issues of our day at the crossroads of Faith, Family and Freedom---Ezekiel 3:16-18

Refocus for `Black Friday`: Service … not sales

(OneNewsNow) Continuing a tradition that started in 2010, churches in Houston and Seattle will be doing service projects that honor Christ at Christmas. “God didn`t send his only Son to earth to cause us to go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving,” says Chuck Fox, the founder of Bless Friday.  (Read More)

Wrestling with Security & Compassion

(The Stand) Security or compassion?  Safety or Mercy?  These are nagging questions in the aftermath of the Paris bombings last week. The world is now in a state of heightened alert.  Such a time in history cannot be ignored.   As in all things, we must determine how to answer in the light of Christ.  (Read…

A Time for War?

(Breakpoint) France is reeling after its most violent day since World War II. Islamist terrorists launched at least six attacks throughout Paris: 129 are dead, and over 350 injured. France has confirmed what most of us already suspected: ISIS is behind the attacks.  (Read More)